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Why don't I listen to that little dude on my shoulder telling me to quit!

Anyone who tells you they've never been drunk before is either boring, lying, a Mormon or combination thereof. A hangover is Mother Nature's way of telling you "Fool I told you not to drink so much. Now you gonna pay." (Don't ask me why she sounds like Mr. T.)

Via a query, here are the best hangover cures:
1) Sleep
2) A smoothie with some weird enzyme powder, milk, honey, strawberries, v8, a banana, and some other stuff.
3) OJ with a raw egg....also called a bulls eye.
4) Eating starchy food like bread.
5) Sources are torn on this one...but a little hair of the dog in the form of a screwdriver, bloody mary or other juice based concoction.
6) Don't drink so much in the first place idiot.

Yah, for at least the next week I'm gonna have to stick with #6.

Random Ramblings

I really have nothing interesting (at least that I consider interesting) to tell my 2 blog followers...but here's a list of things that's happened to me in the past, oh I don't know, few weeks or so. They're in no particular order because I can't remember that kind of stuff.

I got really sick, and got a steroid shot, steroid pills, antibiotics, prescription strength sinus & cough medicine, and an inhaler - which I learned have been re-formulated and re-named HFA's because some silly kids were inhaling the contents to get high instead of to relieve asthma symptoms. When I take them all together I feel how I would imagine someone who is coked out feels. And no, I do not look like the Hulk...yet.

I had a garage sale, and made like $100 bucks for basically sitting in my garage drinking while people gave me money for my old crap.

I turned 25. Upon reaching this landmark age, my car insurance premiums were reduced by $76 every 6 months. I learned this when my i…