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what the f***

I would like to think I'm sort of a movie buff, thanks to my dear husband Travis.
So when I opened up the internet only to see a news slug line reading:
"G-Force topples Potter at box office"
you can only imagine I wondered:
"G-Force...I never even saw any previews for that movie. It must have been directed by someone really good. Or had really good actors.....oh wait, if it had really good actors or a really good director, I'm sure it would have been advertised. Maybe it was really loved by the country of China and everyone there went and considering they're like 1/3 the world's population and when you covert their currency into American dollars it is a lot. I better click on the link to see what it was."

And that's when I saw it.

The movie is about talking, super crime solving guinea pigs, who have access to the kind of technology that is locked away in sector 71 or 57 or whatever other sector the government has hidden it in.

And that's w…

I sorta failed - but that won't stop me!

Well I failed mini goal #1 - to post everyday. So it's going to just stay a mini goal!

As for #2, I sort of completed it - I bought lots of fruit and ate mostly raw for the week (except for this weekend when I was at the Lakes with the family and we ate out) so I didn't have much package waste...but I did start cleaning out cupboards and stuff in an attempt to de-clutter and had some stuff that just had to go.

And #3, yep, finally de-furred the legs...come to think of it, I'm a bit cold...

So for this week:

#1 continue de-cluttering and sell as much stuff as I can. I'm saving for a trip for my good friend Nikki's 30th birthday to Vegas. I'm hoping I can come up with all the cash using only "extra" sources of income. I also like the feeling of not storing stuff I don't need/use - especially if it's something someone else can use - it's a win win situation!

#2 keep eating mostly raw / vegetarian. I feel really energetic, my skin has been muc…

mini goals

In an effort to 1) boost my mood 2) blog more 3) better myself & the environment I live in and 4) entertain ya'll I am going to start posting "mini goals." I'm going to try and stick with daily and weekly goals - mainly so I can actually acheive them and realize I've done so thereby exciting me to continue setting and meeting them.

Mini goal #1 is to remember to keep posting my mini goals.

Mini goal #2 is to reduce the amount of trash I make. The average person produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage a day - and as much as I hate saying it, I probably fit the norm. Nearly everything we buy is in some sort of disposable container. To met this goal I have already been using my "green" waterbottle and I make every attempt to purchase things in packaging that is recycleable and/or biodegradable. We also started a compost pile at the beginning of summer.

Mini goal #3 is to shave my legs more often. Au natural might be all the rage in some neck of the wood…

4 score and 7 years ago

I almost forgot I existed, it's been so long since I've written.
I have absolutely nothing of importance to still sucks, it's July and we've had approximately 3 days that I would consider "summer" weather, I sang a Jesus song at my grandma & grandpa's "wedding" for their 50th anniversary, Amy bought me a huge peacock poster that I'm turning into an art project/wall hanging, and Liam started talking in sentances.

In other news, MJ croaked...I'll have to agree with Mr. Graves on this one - yeah he was pretty much the shiznit 20 some odd years ago, but how can someone with a prosthetic nose and who knows what else really function much longer than he did.

In other other news, my arch nemisis Billy Mays also kicked the bucket. Now I do feel slightly guilty, seeing as his poor bearded family is now without their screaming father/husband, but from all other accounts, I no longer have to brace myself during every commercial bre…