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out of the loop...

OK, so I'm obviously a little bit behind on the whole which-singer-did-something-crazy-on-tv-that-is-getting-them-shunned-by-everyone thing....even though I'm certain someone else has done worse.

So I come across an article about all of Adam Lambert's upcoming tv appearances being cancelled. So I do a little googling and see that Adam Lambert kissed a dude during his performance...and had some dude fake giving him a bj...among other questionable actions these were the two most talked about.

I'm here to say, what's the big flippity deal? Britney, Madonna & Christina made out on live tv, in a similar situation...and people thought it was the coolest dang thing since pre-wrapped sliced right there there is absolutely NO grounds for the kiss to be any big deal. Besides, I saw the pictures, and I'm not completly convinced the keyboard player was in fact male.

As for the fake bj, have you ever watched ANY of Britney's performances? The entire t…
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Dolly Parton

It is a proven fact, and I can say this because I have officialy done the research, that when you are the designated driver (ie no more than a few drinks and none after 10 p.m.) that it takes twice as long to get to 2 a.m., and 2 a.m. is MUCH later than usual.
Don't get me wrong, I had a blast dressed up as Dolly Parton. Blonde wig, tight jeans, high boots, significant clevage, got to budge in the karaoke line quite a few times....but there's something about sloppy, icky, drunk boys who think they're really hot getting all up on you that's different when you're not also sloppy drunk. Something, well, rather creepy. Something that makes me take a shower when I get home instead of clumsily falling into bed half clothed and waking up at 10 the next morning wondering what the hell that smell is then realizing it's me.
I am all about being the dd once in a while....(and as Dolly, I get to be DD :)), and I really did have a blast with my pregnant nun friend and …

Glad I'm not THAT guy...

So I'm surfing the interwebs (as my dear friend Jeremiah would say, and I kinda like his smooth yet scruffy style, and therefore am going to imitate, which they say is the highest form of flattery, when it's not plagiarism that is)and I come across a story about a gentleman who at one point was riding high as the founder of what is supposedly the largest Internet gaming company in the world. He now however, is not doing so hot, due to undisclosed reasons that I can only assume include multiple inappropriate rendezvous with a certain "young, beautiful and naive" intern who thought having a relationship with the big man on top would move her up the totem pole but lied and said he forced her to do it when confronted...but like I said the reasons were anyway, he's sold 75% of his stock and plans to sell the remaining 25% (hey, he can do math too!) in the near future.

Well, besides the likely mishaps that caused his demise, the poor schmuck probably o…

snow, seriously? I hate winter.

It has been 2 months and 3 days since I posted last. I suck at life.
But that's beside the point, because I'm posting now. And you know what is happening now, that sucks even more than's snowing. It is October 10 and it's flipping snowing.
I don't really remember ever seeing summer, let alone going through fall and now all of a sudden it's winter. I am seriously not ok with that.
I should have been a Mexican. So I could live in the carribean part of Mexico, where it's warm all the time, and where cold is 60ish degrees. There's hurricanes and sharks and shit, but it's warm.

In other's snowing. And it's seriously making me depressed.
That and it's 2:42 a.m. and I have this strange desire to clean out my closet. I pretty much feel like a lunatic at this point, but those 2 five hour energy shots I took are really working....quite well in fact....
I'm sure I'll be a little disgruteled in the "morning" w…

Really? Chill out people

OH MY GOODNESS...the world might just end...what else could you possibly do without Twitter for one whole day?!
Seriously, I'm sick and tired of hearing about how some hacker shut down Twitter the other day because they wanted to stop one person's tweets.
It was one day people. You will survive one flipping day without tweeting about what you're doing or eating, or your political agenda.
Get over it, go outside or something, but for Jeebus' sake, STOP clogging the news headlines with stupid, boring, pointless articles about it!

Customer Dis-service

It never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate and/or un/mistrained and/or just plain stupid some people are.

My friend Nikki's kids had a birthday party this weekend. I asked Nikki what to get them, and we got to talking about how expensive the fancy birthday cakes are now-a-days. I had one of those moments where a light comes on and a chorus sings "AHHHAAA" in the background - I was trained how to make all those fancy cakes (and I did a pretty dang good job at it I might add) at Cold to save Nikki money and avoid her headaches by giving her kids some lame toy, I offered to make them the cakes they wanted.

I know how to bake, but I remembered that we used frozen sheet cakes at Cold Stone and they worked really well because they're level and dense and yummy. So I called Grocery Store with a Bakery #1. I won't use names to protect the identity and reputation of the rest of the store, which I've not had an issue with in the past...just the bakery.

what the f***

I would like to think I'm sort of a movie buff, thanks to my dear husband Travis.
So when I opened up the internet only to see a news slug line reading:
"G-Force topples Potter at box office"
you can only imagine I wondered:
"G-Force...I never even saw any previews for that movie. It must have been directed by someone really good. Or had really good actors.....oh wait, if it had really good actors or a really good director, I'm sure it would have been advertised. Maybe it was really loved by the country of China and everyone there went and considering they're like 1/3 the world's population and when you covert their currency into American dollars it is a lot. I better click on the link to see what it was."

And that's when I saw it.

The movie is about talking, super crime solving guinea pigs, who have access to the kind of technology that is locked away in sector 71 or 57 or whatever other sector the government has hidden it in.

And that's w…