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blogging and other nonsense

I've always wanted to have the insightful insightfulness to write things that captivate my audience (which at this point is 2 followers - one of which I'm not sure really follows....wait no, 3, one of which I'm not sure really follows, and one of which doesn't have an account to prove they're following my occasional rants) but I just seem to lack the consistant ability to really enthral those few.

It is especially high on the suck-o-meter when you have friends who can write and have brilliant ideas (and jobs that allow them to "work" whist blogging, facebooking, surfing the interwebs and otherwise not really work). (If I understood the whole * and numbering footnotes thing, Jeremiah, you would have a footnote here, but instead you get an akward parenthesis.)

So to combat the ill feeling I have about my sucky blog, and sucky job, I decided to get drunk on a Monday night. Yes, 6 (maybe 7, I'm not really sure, I kinda lost count after 4..) Captain and Di…

15 books

So Jeremiah tagged me in some 15 books blog...and I'm not going to tag anyone since I'm not linking this post to facebook, and since I don't think I could even name 15 books let alone have read 15 books by choice since like 7th grade.
So here's the ones I have read:

Dean Koontz - I don't really know specifically which ones, but I've read some and I liked em. We'll just say I've read as many as it takes me to get to 15 after I write the others...

The Pilot's Wife - had to google who it was even written by - Anita Shreve

Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

On Bullshit - Henry Frankfurt - I'd read this one over and over...partially because I like to pretend I'm smart, partially because I agree, partially because I only really understand like every other word and it need to read it that many times to understand it.

Don Quijote - and yes, in Spanish

Como Agua Para Chocolate - in Spanish

La Hija del Canibal - in Spanish

Yeah, that's all I can really think…