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Really? Chill out people

OH MY GOODNESS...the world might just end...what else could you possibly do without Twitter for one whole day?!
Seriously, I'm sick and tired of hearing about how some hacker shut down Twitter the other day because they wanted to stop one person's tweets.
It was one day people. You will survive one flipping day without tweeting about what you're doing or eating, or your political agenda.
Get over it, go outside or something, but for Jeebus' sake, STOP clogging the news headlines with stupid, boring, pointless articles about it!

Customer Dis-service

It never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate and/or un/mistrained and/or just plain stupid some people are.

My friend Nikki's kids had a birthday party this weekend. I asked Nikki what to get them, and we got to talking about how expensive the fancy birthday cakes are now-a-days. I had one of those moments where a light comes on and a chorus sings "AHHHAAA" in the background - I was trained how to make all those fancy cakes (and I did a pretty dang good job at it I might add) at Cold to save Nikki money and avoid her headaches by giving her kids some lame toy, I offered to make them the cakes they wanted.

I know how to bake, but I remembered that we used frozen sheet cakes at Cold Stone and they worked really well because they're level and dense and yummy. So I called Grocery Store with a Bakery #1. I won't use names to protect the identity and reputation of the rest of the store, which I've not had an issue with in the past...just the bakery.