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I've always wanted to have the insightful insightfulness to write things that captivate my audience (which at this point is 2 followers - one of which I'm not sure really follows....wait no, 3, one of which I'm not sure really follows, and one of which doesn't have an account to prove they're following my occasional rants) but I just seem to lack the consistant ability to really enthral those few.

It is especially high on the suck-o-meter when you have friends who can write and have brilliant ideas (and jobs that allow them to "work" whist blogging, facebooking, surfing the interwebs and otherwise not really work). (If I understood the whole * and numbering footnotes thing, Jeremiah, you would have a footnote here, but instead you get an akward parenthesis.)

So to combat the ill feeling I have about my sucky blog, and sucky job, I decided to get drunk on a Monday night. Yes, 6 (maybe 7, I'm not really sure, I kinda lost count after 4..) Captain and Diet Cokes may have not been the wisest choice I've ever made ~ but I can pretty much guarantee it makes for one of the most interesting, and therefore best, blog posts I've written.

As I drunkenly attempt to type, probably hitting the delete key more times than letter keys, I am serenaded by my idiot dog barking, and Travis and Liam re-inacting what sounds like the Spanish Inquisition in the bath tub. Oh yes, and the sound of my delete key.....doing what it does best, deleting.

I've often thought about writing more - in fact I have a lovely children's novel in the works. Albeit nothing compared with Merry Poppins, the Boxcar Children, Dr. Seuss or even (ok so I don't read so I can't think of another one...) but a silly story non-the-less. And like most projects I start, has sat unfinished for the better part of a few would sound so much better to say the better part of a decade, but that would mean I started it back in the 11th grade or so (I'm not so good with math) and I'm pretty sure I was too busy trying to make people like me, avoid zits, and not get caught at underage drinking festivities to write a children's novel. And while I'm on the subject, I guess it's not really a novel, because that would imply that a parent or guardian would need to read the literary work to the child, when in fact the child him or herself could probably read it.

So the moral of the story you ask, get drunk on a Monday night and you will have interesting things to write about.

I'm not really all that drunk, but if I pretend I am, I suddenly have things to write about...and therefore against the recommendations of most health professionals and police officers, I'm considering indulging in a few adult beverages on a more reglar basis.


  1. LOVE IT!!

    I enjoy drunken writing...'tis some of my favorite work...mostly, because I worry far less about how crap sounds and I don't overanalyze the words I've thrown down.

    I also totally understand about having numerous writing endeavors that go unfinished. I've got a handful of stories/short books/novel-type things, etc in various forms of half-writtenness. This always annoys me and I'd love to finish one or six of them and maybe make some money off this whole writing thing.

    Until that days comes, I'll continue pounding out blogs about baseball, Jennifer Aniston and McRibs...and hope that someone with money and a whole buncha gumpshin stumbles upon them.

    Keep writing, Kiddo...I <3 it a whole big bunch!


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