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Things that are ANNOYING

Maybe I am just a bitch, but I find myself increasingly annoyed by well, lots of things.

1) When people are using the microwave, and then stop it with 1 second left. One second is not going to overcook your food. Or infiltrate it with any more toxic microwaves than the food has already been subjected to. If you do not like the beep, at least push clear or stop so you can see the time again. I hate it when it is 1 second o'clock.

2) When people act like their car is so flipping nice that they must take up more than one parking space. You are not cool. I want to key your car just because you think you are cool and took up two spots. In fact, your car is in more danger of being damaged by me than it would have been had you parked normal and heaven forbid someone park in the space next to you. I also do not like it when people do park in just one space, but are too stupid to realize that the lines are meant to be a guide for where to park, and instead they park 1/2 way out into the driving lane, or 1/2 way into the opposite side of the parking aisle.

3) When someone disregards an idea I have, but ten seconds later is either:
a) Exclaiming how they have come up with the best idea and completely reiterate
everything I just said.
b) Telling me how they heard the idea from another person and it is the best thing since
sliced bread and proceed to tell me about the idea like I have never heard of it.

4) When drivers fail to use a turn signal. I am always the one stuck at a corner trying to turn, and if the oncoming person would have spend all of the .0000000000001 of a second it takes to push the little lever up or down I could have avoided waiting for the next 67 cars to turn and get where I was going.

5) People who do not eat. Or who eat only one bowl of oatmeal and that is all they need for the whole day. Or who can make a dish and eat the same thing for 5 days in a row.

6) In reference to #5, leftovers. Yuck. There are very few foods I am cool with eating after they have developed a slimy film and have become soggy from sitting in my fridge over night. They include:
Mixed Veggies (the kind you buy in a bag frozen)
Mashed Potatoes
Goulash (and only Krista's recipe)
Everything else, no way.

7) Barney. A large awkward purple dinosaur that sings songs, does magic things...creepy. Equally creepy - the over joyous children who talk to Barney, hug Barney, play along with the deluded idea that he is real or even fun for that matter.

8) Customer service representatives who spend 25 minutes of my valuable time, only to tell me they are unable to solve my problem and must send me to someone higher up, at which point I spend an additional 25 minutes telling that person what I already told the first person.

9) People who forward e-mails that are obviously ridiculous - you will not get $10 for each person you forward it to, you will not have 87 years of bad luck if you do not send it to 22 people in the next 8 minutes, an image of your true love will not show up on the screen if you forward it to 18 people and then after 4 minutes press Ctrl Shift ~928, Tom Cruise did not start this petition and President Obama will not give every person who signs it $1,500 if 1 million people put their names on it and forward it to 20 of their friends. Stop the chain of stupidity, please people.

I am getting mad, so I am done for now.


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