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The infamous brown edge of the 13th cracker

I have a slight obsession with avocados. When I have people over, I have to buy Club crackers because very few people are cool with just scooping the insides out and chowing down....they like to have just a few slices on crackers. I've always noticed (just for some reason now decided to comment on it) that every 13th cracker (this is an average...sometimes it's the 10th, a few times it's been the 16th, but who really pays that close of attention) is darker brown on the edge than the rest of the crackers.
I have a few theories on this phenomena:

1) Some crazy bastard at the Club cracker company decided to make them that way on purpose, with the sole intention of seeing if anyone would notice. He probably was planning on giving the person who noticed first some big reward, like the rights to the company because he had no heirs, or a million dollars, but since very few people have probably ever thought it was strange, no one ever told him, and he's since died, and I'm SOL.

2) The computerized machines that make and package the crackers have evolved to have minds of their own, and are doing it in some attempt to rage against the man.

3) Chuck Norris

4) The crackers are baked in large pans, each row of the pan holding about 13 crackers, so the crackers on the edges are touching the edge of the pan and therefore turn darker brown then the edges of the crackers in the middle of the pan. The fact that it's not always the 13th cracker could be explained by the fact that in the process of processing, sometimes crackers break and have to be discarded so there might not always be exactly 11 crackers between the crackers that were on the edges of the pan.
And because I'm completely deranged, here's some photo evidence (click on it to see it enlarged)


  1. This is the work of Chuck Norris...period. If you ever question his cracker-related decision-making again you may perish. have been warned!


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