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mini goals

In an effort to 1) boost my mood 2) blog more 3) better myself & the environment I live in and 4) entertain ya'll I am going to start posting "mini goals." I'm going to try and stick with daily and weekly goals - mainly so I can actually acheive them and realize I've done so thereby exciting me to continue setting and meeting them.

Mini goal #1 is to remember to keep posting my mini goals.

Mini goal #2 is to reduce the amount of trash I make. The average person produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage a day - and as much as I hate saying it, I probably fit the norm. Nearly everything we buy is in some sort of disposable container. To met this goal I have already been using my "green" waterbottle and I make every attempt to purchase things in packaging that is recycleable and/or biodegradable. We also started a compost pile at the beginning of summer.

Mini goal #3 is to shave my legs more often. Au natural might be all the rage in some neck of the woods - but my man-like, or more chewbacca like fuzz has to go!

I have lots more, but I'm going to try and withhold them and not worry about trying to do everything at once - small steps!


  1. Small Steps are always the way to go.

    Also, big props for the shaved legs. I'm a fan of the shaved legs.



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