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4 score and 7 years ago

I almost forgot I existed, it's been so long since I've written.
I have absolutely nothing of importance to still sucks, it's July and we've had approximately 3 days that I would consider "summer" weather, I sang a Jesus song at my grandma & grandpa's "wedding" for their 50th anniversary, Amy bought me a huge peacock poster that I'm turning into an art project/wall hanging, and Liam started talking in sentances.

In other news, MJ croaked...I'll have to agree with Mr. Graves on this one - yeah he was pretty much the shiznit 20 some odd years ago, but how can someone with a prosthetic nose and who knows what else really function much longer than he did.

In other other news, my arch nemisis Billy Mays also kicked the bucket. Now I do feel slightly guilty, seeing as his poor bearded family is now without their screaming father/husband, but from all other accounts, I no longer have to brace myself during every commercial break in anticipation of being yelled at.

And I'm spent...hasta lasagana.


  1. What's unfortunate, is that his commercials are still airing...and now in addition to feeling quasi-guilty for hating him and not purchasing his products (I always immediately think of his family struggling to make ends-meat)...I also feel freaked out b/c I'm thinking "HOLY SHIT, ZOMBIE MAYS!!!"

    ...and that's no good.


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